Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with STRATEGY, MISSION, VISION and PLAN concept words


From the Source


Development is a business that attracts many people, but is has been my experience that only a few are really gifted and/or committed. It did not take me long after I met Ann to know that she was a natural pro. I would hire her in an instant. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Because our organization is relatively small, a great deal of creativity and willingness to contribute extra effort is essential in fulfilling the mission. Ann was an enthusiastic and effective member of the team. Her extensive education and experience in non-profit organization management was invaluable. I highly recommend Ann Werner for any position where her considerable skills in non-profit organization management can be applied.


Ann has a keen ability to conceptualize projects and forecast the tasks that need to be put in place. She has the ability to think from the funder's perspective and develop an effective cultivation and solicitation approach. Ann would be an asset to any organization for which she is committed.


Mission is a primary driver of Ann's motivation to do excellent work. She brings intelligence, diligence, and focus to her work. Her written and verbal communications are articulate, clear, polished, and comprehensive.