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Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with STRATEGY, MISSION, VISION and PLAN concept


More than 25 years experience - and expertise - in identifying, securing, and stewarding grant and contract resources for the nonprofit sector

  • Foundation, and federal, state, and local government agency prospect research

  • Project and budget development and technical assistance

  • Proposal writing and application preparation

  • Financial and program reporting

  • Press and social media releases and posts

  • Annual reports, brochures, case statements, etc.

  • And more - ask!

Initial one-hour consultation pro bono.



Ann Werner

I too have a mission. My mission is to advance the well-being of those living on our planet Earth.

I too have goals and objectives. In my career, these are to support nonprofit organizations doing good work in doing it well - with the resources to meet the community need.

I have had the honor and privilege to work on behalf of a number of great organizations in my career - whether as a volunteer, board member, employee, or consultant. I put my time and energy - my work life - into organizations that fulfill my mission - whether in arts, culture, and the humanities; health or healthcare; the environment, sciences, or technology; human services; literacy, youth empowerment, or education; or advocacy on behalf of those whose mere existence is threatened. I am committed to the work of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Whether you are an FQHC in need of support for your UDS or SVP (you know what I mean!), or a grassroots organization seeking to expand its funding base, I will help you move forward. Whether you need to fill a temporary gap in staffing while you hire, or add a few hours to round out your team, I will give you that extra, to seamlessly meet your goals.

I would love to discuss your grant-related needs. Let's talk soon!

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